Sunday, January 11, 2015

Zis Boom Bah A.K.A. College Sweethearts (1941)

An American musical directed by William Nigh.
A Vaudville star has been apart from her family for a long time, sending them her money to fund her son's education. She goes to visit her son who does not know her and finds the situation not to her liking. She then purchases the local diner where the college students hang out and turns it into a night club where the students perform.
The plot was vague, inconclusive and very lame. I didn't like the characters and the audio was horrible. I could hear loud dead air, pops and distortion in the sound. The music was old and hokey, but the bad audio prevented any enjoyment there. The waiter at the diner was comic relief and I didn't find him funny at all. In fact, there wasn't anything to like about this film. I rate it bad. You shouldn't watch it.

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