Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Greeks Had a Word for Them A.K.A. Three Broadway Girls (1932)

An American comedy drama directed by Lowell Sherman, starring Joan Blondell and Madge Evans.
A trio of flappers compete for men.
This reminded me of The Women (1939) because the characters act so similarly. I was also reminded of a Snoop Dogg song called "A Bitch I Knew". Fortunately for this film, it was made in what is known as "pre-code" times. Early American sound films before censorship involved more interesting topics like alcohol, smoking, sexual innuendo, villainy being rewarded, etc. There is a scene in which one of the women receives a fur coat and removes her dress from under it while still at a party. Unfortunately, her subsequent flashing is implied rather than shown. Like I said, innuendo. Hence, no significant female anatomy points were earned. The plot was pointless and the characters stupid. The video was pretty rough and the sound was rougher. The audio quality was in fact so bad that I could barely discern what the characters were saying. The only thing that saves this from a shit rating is the "pre-code"ness of it. I rate it bad and would advise against watching.

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