Monday, January 19, 2015

Dementia 13 A.K.A. The Haunted and the Hunted (1963)

An American horror thriller directed by Francis Ford Coppola.
After accidentally killing her husband by a stress-induced heart attack, the wife visits his family in an attempt to have herself written into her mother-in-law's will. It turns out that the family has dark secrets regarding the death of one of the siblings as a child.
Boring. The pace was so slow as to induce mental illness and the characters never developed in all that time. The simplistic plot didn't seem to merit an hour and 14 minutes. Being made in 1963, color film was available, but some really poor quality black and white was used instead. The audio was full of 1940s dead air hiss and the style seemed '40s to me. I was shocked when I read the date that this film was released. The only indication of the real date was a Guiness beer ad in the bar that wouldn't have been there in the '40s. There was a scene in which the main character stripped to her bra and underwear, nearly earning female anatomy points (picture). So we've got a boring film with maddeningly slow pace that looks 20 years older than it actually is. I rate it poor. You might want to skip this one.

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