Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cathy's Curse A.K.A. Cauchemares (1977)

A French Canadian horror directed by Eddy Matalon.
A father and daughter die in a car accident. Years later, the son (who was with the mother at the time) moves into the family house. His already insane wife can't cope and his daughter becomes possessed by the spirit of her dead aunt.
Style style style! So unique and so identifiable! The video was total garbage and the audio was horrid, but it seemed intentional and worked out for the better. The simple plot and basic, shallow characters worked too. I really liked the potty-mouth starlet. "All women are bitches" and "extra rare piece of shit" were some great lines. The cheesy synthesizer music absolutely made my day. A diamond in the rough, anyone who knows anything about films loves this. I have to rate it best because it's better than many things that I have rated thusly in the recent past. Don't just watch it, own a copy because you're going to want to see it more than once!

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