Sunday, January 4, 2015

Timber Queen (1944)

An American drama directed by Frank McDonald.
A man returns from the army to find that the business deal that he is a partner in was corrupted when his friend died. Another friend owns a night club with gambling along with some gangsters. The ex-soldier meets up with a female friend who works in the night club and was married to the dead friend. In order to put wrongs to right, the trio must embark on a temporary career in logging. Unfortunately for them, one of their current business partners is a friend of the man who corrupted the investment in the first place and is trying to stop them.
The plot and characters were adequate to hold my attention. The audio quality was horrible, with high pitched dead air and a constant clicking sound. There isn't much to write about this film, but what in the world is that crazy statue on the mantle? (picture) I rate it o.k. and would only recommend watching to kill time.

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