Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Up in the Air (1940)

An American comedic mystery directed by Howard Bretherton, starring Frankie Darro and Mantan Moreland.
A message boy at a radio station pretends to be a boss, trying to get a date with the new receptionist by having the janitor play piano so she can sing at a fake audition. He is amazed by her voice, but gets in trouble with the real boss. All 3 of them are later present when the current radio starlet is shot. The message boy drags the janitor along as he tries to solve the crime.
Standard, stale and stock. I'm not even going to rip into this because it was so mediocre. The only thing that made it watchable was Mantan Moreland playing his type-cast role. We all know what that role is and it has to do with his manner of speech and the color of his skin. I rate this bad. If you want a good Mantan film, watch King of the Zombies (1941).

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