Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Peopletoys A.K.A. Devil Times Five A.K.A. Tantrums A.K.A. The Horrible House on the Hill (1974)

An American horror thriller directed by Sean MacGregor and David Sheldon.
Some friends, lovers and co-workers are on vacation at a snowbound mountain resort. The icy roads nearby have cause the crash of a minivan transporting a group of children from a mental institution. The groups meet.
Any movie with no links on the credits in Wikipedia and 4 titles has got to be really special. I'm talking style here. STYLE! The acting was perfect and the characters made sense to me. My favorite line was in the beginning: "Hot damn, got me a knife! WOOOOH!". I had another favorite part, but it's the best part in the movie that I won't spoil for you. Obviously I liked the plot, with the premise being to my strange tastes. The audio and video were a little on the shitty side, but sometimes that's alright when what's going on is interesting enough. There were some slow motion sections that I thought were far too long and drawn out. Maybe a few seconds of slow motion would be o.k., but this was just too much. That was my only beef with this film. I call it successful and rate it good. This is definitely one to watch if you like obscure horror.

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