Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Memorial Valley Massacre A.K.A. Valley of Death A.K.A. Son of Sleepaway Camp (1988)

An American slasher horror directed by Robert C. Hughes.
A modern day caveman is causing trouble at a tourist campground.
Eegah 2 is what I call this. Unfortunately, we have to make due without a magical musician that sounds like a whole band this time. Fortunately, they knew what to film. RV? KABLASTO! Bulldozer to ranger shack? CRUNCH! Teenage girl with tight clothing? Wet T-shirt contest! This seemed like it was supposed to be so bad that it's good and it was. The simple plot and stereotypical characters worked great. The film actually mocks itself for you in this case. The audio and video were not bad. There were some good camera angles that showed very clearly what was going on. I'm not saying it's a creative masterpiece, but a functioning work of humor for horror movie fans. I rate this adequate. Watch it if you want to laugh about a horror film.

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