Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fog Island (1945)

An American mystery thriller directed by Terry O. Morse, starring George Zucco.
A man lives on an island surrounded by fog with the daughter of his murdered wife. He invites business associates there and gives them clues to solve a puzzle with the promise of treasure. The guest fight amongst themselves, trying to find the treasure.
This was a little on the shitty side. When the camera can't even be kept still to film a shot, something is definitely wrong. The plot was standard '40s intrigue that would also qualify as standard 2010s in-fighting. The characters were not developed at all. The audio had that signature dead air hiss that we all know from the 1940s and seemed a little muffled, although it was treble-biased. Style was nonexistent, with all aspects of the film falling into standard, stock methodologies. I'm going to have to rate this poor because it was not painful to watch, but extremely lacking in any value of any kind. Being mostly distracted by other tasks for the entire duration may have led me to rate this better than it deserves. You may want to skip this one.

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