Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Town Went Wild (1944)

An American comedy drama directed by Ralph Murphy.
In neighboring houses, fathers fight and eldest children wish to marry. They make their way to another town where they are told that they need to file a document 3 days in advance before being married. With the document filed, the clerk of the office finds out that children from the 2 families were switched at birth. Now brother and sister are engaged and facing jail time because of it.
More of the same. Everything was standard for the 1940s including the accidental pan-and-scan job that cut a little bit off the sides of the frame. The sitcom style "humor" was not funny in the least bit. The "stock" (Some Kind of Monster) plot and characters did not impress me. I noticed a Freemasonry-style not-so-secret society of Mooseheads which raised the only chuckle of the film. I rate this bad and would advise against watching.

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