Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ring of Power II: The Zion King (2012)

A documentary by Amenstop productions.
Prince William is pointed out as the antichrist, Israel and zionism are examined as well as Illuminati art in famous places.
Just as good as Ring of Power 1. This addition features the same narrator making the same style of accusations on the ruling elite. I think that they used a little more humor this time and I appreciated it. There were a few propositions made by the film which even I tend to doubt. These mostly dealed with numerology adding up to 666. You can manipulate any numbers into 666 if you try hard enough. When they showed the 2012 olympic logo, I was waiting for it to form a pentagram, but this never happened. Same as the first Ring of power, quit reading about it and WATCH IT! I rate it best.

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