Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Esoteric Agenda (2008)

A Canadian documentary by Ben Stewart.
Information regarding how religious and political systems work, war and the nature of reality is communicated.
Too much repetitive techno! I swear they must have recorded less than 10 minutes of music to use for the whole 2 hour film. There's a drum track that plays for the first section, a section without music in the middle and then a keyboard/synth sound for the third section. These tiny tracks repeat ad nauseum. The information in this film is great and I think that it would be an awesome introduction film for anyone who is just getting into this subject matter. The many strands of the web of control are touched upon and it would give a new researcher ideas of what to look into. There's a gentleman in a suit towards the end who says that in a room full of darkness, a single candle can make a big difference, but no amount of darkness can enter a room full of light. I rate this adequate and would recommend it as one of the first few conspiracy/new world order documentaries to watch. Unfortunately for this film, the inferior musical score prevents a higher rating.

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