Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Doomed to Die (1940)

An American mystery directed by William Nigh, starring Boris Karloff.
A shipping tycoon has just lost a shipment of illegal bonds from China and is in the process of telling off his daughter's suitor after writing his will and mentioning suicide, when he is shot in his office. The daughter and a detective investigate the murder case.
More of the same boring shit. William nigh has already proved to be one of the most boring directors of the '40s and I'm not a big fan of Boris Karloff's work. The plot did not hold my attention and the characters were not memorable. The style was way '40s with inferior black and white video and loud dead air hiss. This is also a sequel to The Fatal Hour (1940), which I have, but was uninformed of the relationship when I watched it. The sequel being released the same year as the original is not a good sign. I'm rating this poor because it was very standard and boring.

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