Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Messiah of Evil A.K.A. Dead People (1973)

An American horror by Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz.
A young woman goes to a small town to visit her father. The father is an artist and had recently ceased writing letters to her. In the town, she encounters a polygamist and his pair of girlfriends. When people start turning into zombies, the polygamist and young woman become friends.
The plot is very vague and murky to the point of being confusing. The characters were not developed well either. Wikipedia has a pretty good writeup on the analysis of this film that you may want to read. The audio and video were decent quality and there were no mistakes. There were some good camera shots in the father's house, theater and grocery store. Because of how the bathroom in the father's house is painted, they used the background to create an optical illusion (picture). The main purpose of a film is to communicate and this one doesn't do that very well. Even though there was good camera-work, I have to rate it bad. You probably shouldn't watch this.

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