Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bloody Pit of Horror A.K.A. Il Boia Scarlatto (1965)

An Italian horror directed by Massimo Pupillo.
A crew of photographers and models breaks into a castle to find the owner home. He allows them to do their photo shoot after initially telling them to leave. While they are there, he goes (or they realize that he is) insane and starts killing them in complex ways.
This was so lame that it was almost cool. The '70s audio and video made the style sleazy and cultish. The actresses who wore very little clothing or lost some of what they were wearing helped a great deal. As always, I would have liked to see more than was shown (a.k.a. not enough nudity to award female anatomy points). The complex methods of torture and murder were a little over the top. What comes to mind here is the spider web scene where a man wriggles on the floor for a few minutes while a bound woman tells him not to. The spider was actually the best part of the film to me (picture). The pacing was painfully slow and the special effects were stupid, but there were no editing errors. Overall, it might be fun to mock. I rate it poor.

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