Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Girl Said No A.K.A. With Words and Music (1937)

An American musical directed by Andrew L. Stone.
A bookie falls in love with a dance hall girl who is trying to cheat him out of money. The bookie decides to trick her back and convinces her that he can get her into a broadway career. The bookie and his friends set up everything to put on a fake broadway show using an out of work troupe of Gilbert and Sullivan performers.
The plot and characters almost held my interest and there were no technical flaws. The style was of the times and pacing kept things moving. I'm reminded of Topsy-Turvy (1999) in which the troupe perfoms the same opera, The Mikado. I actually like The Mikado more than I like this film. Basically, this is just another late '30s flick with starstruck flappers, shady gangsters and a sappy moral ending. Obviously post-code. I rate it poor because it was mediocre and didn't stand out.

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