Monday, May 14, 2012

Buffalo Rider (1978)

An American western directed by John Fabian and Dick Robinson.
A gunslinger finds a young buffalo and saddles it. He rides to save a baby and get revenge on the men who killed the baby's parents.
The massive amounts of narration make it seem like a nature documentary, but this actually helps the film. Most of the men slinging guns in the film have forgotten the faces of their fathers and tend to miss more shots than they hit, including the main character. Sharp shooting alone does not make a gunslinger and the main character proves his worth through helping others and destroying the bad guys. I'm rating this good because I actually watched the whole thing and liked it.
Here's where you can watch it too:
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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Beautiful Truth (2008)

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An American documentary by Steve Kroschel.
A 15 year old boy finds out about a worldwide conspiracy network to destroy human life.
This film presents plenty of important topics about food and health in a cohesive manner. A solution is even given! This puts it miles above other conspiracy documentaries which only present a problem (I'm talking about you, Alex Jones). The style and production value are good as well. I'm rating this awesome because it is everything that any documentary should be: cohesive, coherent, concise and conclusive.