Saturday, January 24, 2015

How Awful About Allan (1970)

An American made for TV thriller directed by Curtis Harrington, starring Anthony Perkins and Julie Harris.
A man accidentally caused a fire which killed his father, scarred his sister's face and left him partially blind. After a hospital stay, he is released into the care of his sister, who is still living in the house where the fire took place. His ex-fiancee visits and tries to help him get back to normal, but has difficulties. The sister takes in a college student who rents a room in the house, but is never seen. The main character sometimes sees a shadowy figure and hears it whispering his name.
The shadowy figure whispering "Allan" was actually scary. It's one of those nebulous fear of the unknown deals and was done quite well. The complex plot and variously developed characters kept my interest well as well. The video was a little dark in some spots, but generally alright. The main character's partial blindness was illustrated by showing his view using an out of focus camera shot, which I thought was appropriate. Add to this the dark form (picture) and a creepy voice and you can understand how effective it was. For a made for TV flick, this wasn't bad. I rate it adequate. You may be as pleasantly surprized as I was.

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