Saturday, January 17, 2015

Curse of Demon Mountain A.K.A. Shadow of Chikara (1977)

An American adventure thriller directed by Earl E. Smith.
A dying civil war general tells a soldier of buried treasure. The soldier recruits a tracker and a teacher to help him find and identify the treasure. They meet a woman along the way who joins them. As the group nears the location of the treasure, they find that they are being followed by someone or something.
The real mystery is the plot. Everything was going along fine until the end when the film basically just stops. There was some sleazy '70s style that reminded me of Jeremiah Johnson (1972), meaning the audio and video were to my liking. Some creative camera angles and good framing made things look good and the folky song set things off correctly by being played during the battle scene. The characters are developed some, relatively memorable and identifiable. I think the cover art is really cool (picture). Overall, I thought it was a fine film until the abrupt and inconclusive ending. I rate it adequate.

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