Friday, April 30, 2010

Born Fee (1966)

A corporate mind control flick by Open Road Films and Columbia Pictures.
A rich woman with a platonic boyfriend has trouble distinguishing wild animals from pets.
The audio and video are both VERY 60s.
Check out: The man's malaria medicine overdose.
The acting sucks, the music sucks and what type of relationship does this "couple" have that makes them so distant? I know! It's that 1960s screen relationship in which certain actions are forbidden by the film industry. I really didn't like this movie. I wouldn't recommend it.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Being There (1979)

a comedy drama directed by Hal Ashby.
A man with no knowledge of the real world is forced out of his home and taken in by a rich and powerful family.
The audio and video were good. it easily looked 80s, but definitely sounded 70s.
check out: basketball Jones and Eve masturbating to please a man who doesn't know what she's doing and doesn't care. Also, the new world order pyramid at the funeral.
I think that this guy would make a great president for the united states right now. He's honest and doesn't know what he's doing. This puts him on a pedestal compared to liars who know they're ruining the country. The film, on the other hand, wasn't all that great. there was a good premise, but it failed to deliver the hysterical comedy that could be possible in this scenario. the only thing that saved it from being "bad" was the funk music and the premise. I wouldn't go out of my way to watch this one, but if you happen to see it, that's o.k.
I'm establishing the orange category here and hopefully remembering it. orange is for films between bad and o.k. It's not a very good rating, but I didn't hate it.

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

A drama written and directed by Frank Darabont.
This film tells the story of 2 men who meet in prison, both serving life sentences.
The audio was good and subtitles were included. The video had a glitch at the half way point, but otherwise, it was good.
check out: Morgan Freeman in jail (get it, FREE man?) and the old librarian keeping a crow as a pet in prison. I don't think that's allowed.
I'm getting pretty tired of Morgan Freeman by now. That old gravely voice is slowly driving me out of my head, as he would say. The plot and characters were pretty well done and I didn't mind watching this. However, it's nothing to put in green text. I'll say it's ok.

A Beautiful Mind (2001)

A drama directed by Ron Howard.
A math genius sees people who aren't there and gets involved in a plot that doesn't exist.
The audio and video were both good.
check out: John getting away with graffiti on the library windows.
It was a cool idea that didn't work out in the long run. The perspective shift in the middle of this film killed it for me. For half the movie, we're seeing it almost AS John, then it suddenly shifts to the unknown 3rd person view. If they had switched to Alicia and made it clear that was the new main character, it would have worked better. I really liked the beginning, but wish I had stopped watching when John got thrown in the mental hospital. It's an o.k. movie.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Green Mile (1999)

A drama directed by Frank Darabont, adapted from a Stephen King novel
A man on death row has the power to perform miracles.
The audio was in whisper-blast fashion, but still good. The video was very clear with minimal CG.
check out: Billy's song about Del.
When good plot and good characters come together like this, it makes something more than the sum of the parts. I liked the whole mouse sub-plot, but that isn't the only reason I'm rating this film so generously. I could shoot it down hard for the christian over-tones, but I liked it enough not to do that. Go ahead and call me a softy for liking a touching story like this. I don't care because I know a good movie when I see one and this is better than good. please watch it.

Wolfen (1981)

A horror based on Whitley Strieber's novel.
Detectives investigate mysterious murders in the city. Wolves turn out to be the killers.
The audio was good. They used a few cheesy video effects for "wolf vision".
check out: the obscure racial slur of "apple" red outside white inside.
Like all B horror movies, it only gets good at the end because of monsters on screen. In this case, they are big wolves, but it's the same idea. This movie is o.k. nothing fantastic, but I didn't hate it either.

The French Connection (1971)

A crime movie directed by William Friedkin
It's cops vs. drug smugglers on the streets of France and New York.
The video was a little grainy, like any movie from this time period. The audio was good and even had a good soundtrack. The subtitles on the version that I watched were early.
check out: "I tore apart the whole car except the rocker panels" everyone knows that's THE classic place to hide drugs! maybe that's because of this movie...
There are a lot of good chase scenes and "Blow" stole the "temperature rising" drug verification scene. Otherwise, not much going on here. I'll say it's o.k.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Usual Suspects (1995)

A crime movie directed by Bryan Singer
The only survivor of a massacre of criminals relates his story to a detective.
the audio and video were both good. Subtitles were neither included, nor needed.
check out: the "old mcdonald" rhyme.
The plot immediately lost me. Characters were established and thrown in a seemingly random fashion. They did a really good job on the ending though. This gets a bad review because I don't like sitting through most of a movie not knowing for sure what's going on, who's lying and who has ulterior motives. I almost regret watching it.

Police State 4 (2010)

A documentary by Alex Jones
Alex covers methods used by the government, police and military to fight the American people.
The audio and video were good quality, but some of it was too "sensational" for the serious subject matter.
check out: debunking Glenn Beck.
Good, reliable information was used throughout the film, so that covers the evidence part. The eloquence was not quite what I would have liked to see though. Some of the sensationalism used was a little cheap. Overall, it was good. I generally recommend Alex's work to anyone who has any interest in the subjects he covers.

The Accused (1988)

A drama directed by Jonathan Kaplan
A woman is raped by multiple men in a bar. a court case ensues.
the audio and video were both good.
check out: the scene outside the record shop.
As lawyers deliberated on this case, I deliberated on who convinced me to watch this. I'm not saying it was bad, but just that it isn't the type of thing I enjoy watching. The subject matter and the perspective are the things that detract from this film the most. Otherwise, it was well made, the characters are memorable and the plot was very clear. I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it, but I don't regret viewing.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Amarcord (1973)

A comedy drama directed by Federico Fellini
Video snapshots of a year in the life of a small town in Italy.
The video was good. The audio was in Italian and subtitles were provided.
check out: all the sexual innuendos, the fog scene, the "pee across the room" invention, and the crazy uncle.
If you like to "WTF?" your way through films like I do, you'll really get a kick out of this one. It's very light on plot, but heavy on strangeness and comedy. I could go into individual things that I found amusing, but it's better to see these things first hand. This film is awesome! Watch it!

Das Boot (1981)

a war movie directed by Wolfgang Petersen
A German U-boat with crew navigates the dangerous seas during World War 2.
the audio was in whisper-blast style. the video was decent.
check out: the fact that the entire crew starts the movie completely drunk.
This was 3 hours long! At the 2 hour mark, I was very tired of it and thought "this has to end soon", but no. There was still an hour left. I'm shooting this one down just like ye grande olde Schindler's List. You've seen one submarine movie, you've seen them all: sub up, sub down, they encounter something, there are equipment problems, they fix it, end of movie. Yet every "best movies" site I read has this on the list. Das Boot is not worth the 3 hours it takes to watch it. I would strongly advise you stay away from this film.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

the adventures of priscilla, queen of the desert (1994)

A comedy written and directed by Stephan Elliott.
3 drag queens take a road trip across the desert.
The audio and video were good quality.
Check out: the first hotel they stay in and Bob's wife.
This one's a little hard to weigh for overall quality. There were some really good parts and great character development, but the whole gay drag queens thing is just so over-played in this film. I guess the point of gay drag queens is to be "over the top". I'm rating it good for the character development. Anyone who liked "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" will like this, although it's not quite as good as Hedwig.

schindler's list (1993)

A holocaust movie directed by Steven Spielberg.
1 German decides to not kill Jews.
The audio was good. The video was in black and white, except for certain bits (like the girl in the red coat and the ending).
Check out: some tense moments when people are sure they will die any second.
This is REALLY long and most of it is REALLY boring. Also, if you've seen one holocaust movie, you've seen them all: "ein juden!" rat-a-tat-tat, corpse-piles, skinny naked people, some survivors at the end. I would not recommend this movie to anyone.

se7en (1995)

A crime mystery directed by David Fincher
A team of 2 police detectives investigates a series of murders based on the 7 deadly sins.
The audio was good. The video looked like they tried to use every dark and gloomy lighting effect available, but still it was good.
Check out: the size of the glass of wine served to Morgan Freeman. Is it common for detectives to hold "drink and investigate" sessions? According to the cinema's popular opinion, yes.
When I started watching this, I thought "Oh no, another police detective flick". I didn't think it was too bad though. If you're into detective movies, then congratulations, Hollywood is full of them. Add this to your list.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

the prestige (2006)

a mystery directed by christopher nolan
2 magicians get competitive with a "transporting man" trick.
the audio and video were both good and subtitles were included.
check out: the part at the end where they are explaining "it's not easy to do this...". the video shown of the procedure used is pretty brutal.
it's new, it's hollywood, but there are some redeeming qualities. the plot isn't too shabby and there are some shocking and funny surprises like any good magic show would have. I say it's o.k. watch it if it's available.

good will hunting (1997)

a drama directed by gus van sant
a delinquent janitor at an ivy league university is very smart.
the video was good. the audio was full of music designed to pull at the heart strings of the mass public. fake irish accents were also used.
check out: matt damon writing equations. I bet he doesn't even know what any of those symbols mean.
matt damon playing a genius is like rosie o'donnell playing an olympic gymnast. it's just not believable. this movie is standard hollywood bullshit anyway. not worth watching.

blowup (1966)

a drama mystery directed by michelangelo antonioni
a photographer is in the park taking pictures when he sees evidence of a murder.
the video was grainy as expected, but good. this film has "source music" or "diegetic" music by herbie hancock and the yardbirds. the definition of these terms is music that is generated by the story. a character turns on a tv or radio, goes to a concert, plays an instrument. the resulting sound is diegetic or source music. during the yardbirds' song, jeff beck's equipment malfunctions and he breaks his guitar.
check out: the mimes and the fate of mr. beck's guitar pieces.
I thought this was good. I didn't understand all of it completely, but I did enjoy it. if you're into "art films", weird movies, or strangeness, you'll like this as much as I did.

Friday, April 23, 2010

the graduate (1967)

a psychedelic mind effer directed by mike nichols
a young man graduates from college and has affairs with the wife and daughter of his father's business partner.
the video had blips from the original film and was grainy, but everything looked fine otherwise. as for the audio, this is the earliest example of the whisper-blast technique that I've found. the plus side to this is that simon and garfunkel songs blast from the speakers at top volume.
check out: the car scene at the end. if you've seen wayne's world 2, you'll finally get the joke.
this has to be one of the most psychedelic movies I have ever seen. the way that it is presented really puts you in the mindset of the main character. obviously, I liked it and believe that it's a good idea to watch, especially if you've seen wayne's world 2.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

invisible empire (2010)

a new world order documentary written and directed by jason bermas produced by alex jones
this film covers the plans of the globalist elite to seize more power and money for themselves while removing it from the general population.
the audio was good and the video was good, but had some infowars advertisements in some sections.
this is a good one. the information is presented very eloquently and with sufficient evidence to back it up. it gives a very complete picture of what's going on in the world to bring forth this new world order. it may even be the best "first" film for people who want to find out about this subject.

braveheart (1995)

a historical drama directed, produced, and starring mel gibson
william wallace is a scottish hero who leads his people in a military campaign for freedom.
the audio and video were both good.
check out: the reversed religious roles of scotland and england. weren't the scottish still pagan in 1200 something and the brittish the christian ones?
it was pretty cool. there was lots of action, but it lasts 3 hours. I'm rating it o.k. because it was good but long. had it been shorter, it would get a good rating. if you're into watching big battles, this one's for you. it's probably worth watching.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

american beauty (1999)

a drama directed by sam mendes
a fucked up family lives in a fucked up community. the father gets fired and starts smoking cannabis and working out because he wants to have sex with his daughter's friend, the daughter falls in love with the neighbor who video tapes her and the mother has an affair with "the real estate king" at her job.
the audio and video were high quality because this is a new film. it was, however punctuated by pop music.
I'm kind of torn about this one. the plot is "here's a fucked up family, if you're not fucked up, you're boring", but they develop this plot very well. there's pop music, but the character development is absolutely awesome. it's standard hollywood bullshit, but I enjoyed watching it. this is why I'm giving it an o.k. review. it's not a bad idea to watch, but there are many movies that are much better.

one flew over the cuckoo's nest (1975)

a drama directed by milos forman
jack nicholson isn't crazy, but he gets thrown in the nuthouse anyway and causes problems there.
the audio and video were decent. what do you expect for 1975?
check out: christopher lloyd. is he in there for building the delorean?
this film has an annoying feel to it. maybe it's because it's old, maybe because I've been in the setting before. whatever it is, it ruins the whole thing for me. otherwise, it would be great and be in green and I would be singing it's praises. all things considered, it's o.k. even though it's on EVERYONE'S favorite films list.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the skulls 2 (2002)

a direct to video drama directed by joe chappelle
read the first skulls movie review for the plot.
the audio and video are the same as the first movie as well.
check out: how bad it is. seriously.
I thought the first skulls movie was bad, but this one really blows that away. this new level of bad movies requires brown text because it's total shite. don't watch this movie.

psycho (1960)

a mystery directed by alfred hitchcock
a woman steals $40,000 from her boss and leaves town to meet her boyfriend. she stops at a strange little motel on the way.
the video was in black and white. the audio was good.
check out: the druggy secretary at marion's place of employment and the drunken client.
I really think these old black and white horror movies are scarier than the newest high tech gore-fest. they rely on setting, mood, music, plot and other real elements of cinema to create fear. that takes skill. anyone with a computer can make giant monsters (nothing wrong with some of those), explosions and blood fountains. if you like REAL horror movies, this one is for you. I say it's great.

the skulls (2000)

a drama directed by rob cohen
a young man joins a secret society and one of his friends doesn't like this.
the video was good, but the audio was plagued by pop music. the good news: no whisper-blast.
check out: how they play off the secret society thing like it's fictional.
this contains a pg version of secret society initiation. I don't think the film would have come out if these guys laid naked in coffins and narrated their entire sexual history. I do like how they made their secret society hidden in every part of the government like the real one. the name "the skulls" is obviously referring to the skull and bones society at yale. the other thing I don't like is how the guys steal the emblem of another society. they act like this concept is so fictional and there are lots of different fictional secret societies. I'm giving this a bad review because of the implied fiction of the concept, nt staying true to the non-fiction of the concept, and for the shitty pop music. for the REAL story, just watch alex jones' films.

ponyo (2008)

a fantasy written and directed by hayao miyazaki
a boy finds a magical fish that decides it wants to be human.
the video was excellent (like all studio ghibli movies) and the audio was in english.
check out: the animation style. it's just that good.
this was good. not as good as kiki's delivery service, but better than my neighbor totoro. if you like animated movies or "anime" then you might get a kick out of this one.

Monday, April 19, 2010

raise the red lantern (1991)

a drama directed by zhang yimou
a young woman marries a rich man who has 3 other wives. the wives plot against eachother.
the video was good and in widescreen. the audio was in chinese and subtitles were provided. I'm pretty sure that the only music was performed by the characters. there were short clips of music that were not plot generated at some points, but not very much.
check out: the massages. who orders them from whom. apparently, it must be some type of insult or other social gesture that americans don't know about.
this was a contest of the evil bitches. these women were absolutely brutal to eachother. if you don't mind reading subtitles, it's definitely worth watching. of course, I like films from that part of the world (china, japan, korea, etc.), so I really thought it was awesome.

full metal jacket (1987)

a war movie directed by stanley kubrick
a man referred to as joker goes through boot camp and to vietnam for the war in the 1960s.
the video was in fullscreen. I heard a rumor that it's supposed to be that way, but due to internet vagueness, I don't know for sure. the audio was good.
check out: the way gomer pile acts like he can't climb. it looks like he was trying really hard to not be able to climb over the top of the wall.
this movie is crazy popular, but I don't think it's all that great. the boot camp stuff was pretty shocking, but otherwise, just another war movie. it might be worth watching if you like good beginnings.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

seven samurai (1954)

an action movie co-written, edited and directed by akira kurosawa
a village in abject poverty needs to hire samurai to defend against bandits.
the video was in black and white and in full screen. the audio was in japanese, but subtitles were provided.
check out: the fat samurai. these dudes are supposed to be dirt poor, so why does he have such a gut?
this flick is way oldschool. I've never liked old samurai films to begin with and this one was over 2 hours long. I'm not saying it was bad, but it sure doesn't deserve green text. it just depicts abject poverty so well that it stays out of the red. also, I didn't get the whole thing with the dude finding that the farmer had all that samurai stuff hidden in his house. they needed war gear and there it was. must be some japanese honor thing.

million dollar baby (2004)

an action drama written, directed, produced, scored and starring clint eastwood
clint trains a female boxer who rises through the ranks of boxing competitions.
the audio and video were great. I wouldn't change anything.
check out: what the leader of the church says to mr. eastwood. is that any way for a preacher to be talking?
the combination of morgan freeman and clint eastwood means there is a lot of "elderly male speaking in a gravely voice". all the narration is by morgan. I think these guys decided to use this technique to portray the rough boxing lifestyle and how tired they are. besides the "it's so tough to be a boxer" thing, this was good. it makes you feel like you really know the characters and the plot is engaging enough to take up the 2 hours. definitely watch it if you liked "the wrestler".

Saturday, April 17, 2010

the dark knight (2008)

a super hero action movie directed by christopher nolan
bat man and the joker struggle in gotham city.
the video was good quality, but the audio was stereotypical whisper-blast.
check out: the new world order implications of the cell phone suveillance network.
standard hollywood bullshit. it's a super hero movie, what do you expect? lots of explosions, fictional technology and whisper-blast technique is what you get. if you like modern mainstream hollywood movies or super hero movies in general, you'll like this. if you've been agreeing with most of this blog, you'll hate it as much as I did.

leon the professional (1994)

an action movie directed by luc besson
an assassin adopts a girl whose family was murdered.
the audio and video were both good.
check out: the little girl's role in the movie. how she dresses, acts and her relationship with leon. is she a sex symbol in this film?
the plot is good, the characters are believable and there is a good mix of emotional content. I see no reason not to watch it. this is a good movie.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

alice, sweet alice (1976)

a slasher directed by alfred sole
a confusing series of events and women with similar names surround a set of murders perpetrated by a killer in a yellow rain coat.
the video looked good, but that pesky volume range problem was present. apparently, whisper-blast technique was invented in the mid 70s.
it was so confusing! tom and dom, catherine and karen, at least 3 women who look the same and 2 people who wear the killer outfit! not a good movie, don't watch it.

the birds (1963)

a horror directed by alfred hitchcock
a woman goes to a small town to surprise a man that she is attracted to. this town is then beset by bird attacks.
there were only 2 pieces of music in the whole movie. melanie plays the piano at mitch's house and the school children sing a song. otherwise, there is no music. the video was full screen and looked like a 1960s sitcom besides a lighting effect in the end (picture) that I thought looked like it was from the movie 300.
this is a movie for film buffs who absolutely have to see everything. it is most noted (get it, music notes?) for lack of music. I thought it was pretty average.

brainscan (1994)

a horror starring edward furlong
a teen boy plays a murder mystery video game in which he is the murderer.
the audio and video were good quality. the pop music included in the soundtrack was a little too dated.
I'm surprised that this movie wasn't sponsored by aerosmith. in all of the teens' rooms, an aerosmith "get a grip" poster was visible. oddly enough, they weren't included in the soundtrack. anyway, it's a 90s version of cheesy 80s horror. I watched it when I was much younger and enjoyed it more then than I do now. the plot was pretty decent, so I won't say it's bad. if you're into cheesy horror, this is what you're looking for.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

steal this movie! (2000)

a biography directed by robert greenwald
political activist abbie hoffman stirs up trouble with the government in the 1960s that follows him the rest of his life.
the audio and video were both good quality. a little too much pop music for my liking, but I will forgive.
considering what I know about the government and the engaging plot, I say this one's good. watch it!

police state 2000 (1999)

a documentary produced by alex jones
mr. jones covers police cooperating with u.s. and foreign military in staged situations.
the video varied from very high quality to pixelated and bad. the audio was similar with good clean sound on some parts and in other parts mostly picking up wind across the microphone.
most of the people interviewed were either completely clueless or supressing valuable information. it was very clear who worked with the "exercises" during the interviews and who was just an innocent bystander. I can't recommend this film on it's own. if you want to watch this type of thing, please view alex's entire library of documentaries. the incomplete picture that this film presents must be filled out by viewing mr. jones' other films. when you do your research, the value of this "component" film will become clear.

paganini's daemon: a most enduring legend

a music documentary on google video
the life of paganini is examined by the documenteurs.
the video was mostly still shots of drawings and old advertisements. at some points, violin performances were presented. the violinist pictured was obviously playing the music.
check out: 1 picture in particular of a devil with a violin sitting on the side of a bed.
I thought it was pretty cool. it made me want to pick up my instrument.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

basket case (1982)

a horror directed by frank henenlotter
a boy and his mutant siamese twin go to the city and cause a disturbance.
the audio and video were o.k. the stop motion animation part was the best.
check out: our hero's naked run down the city streets.
there's good cheesy 80s horror and there's bad cheesy 80s horror. unfortunately, this is bad.

the abomnable dr. phibes (1971)

a murder mystery starring vincent price
a man sets out to murder the doctors that failed his wife's surgery by way of the 7 plagues from the old testament.
the audio and video were o.k.
check out: the way phibes plays the organ. he makes it very clear that he is not the one playing it.
it's oldschool and it sucked. I got way bored watching it.

alice (1988)

the alice in wonderland story using stop motion animation by jan svankmajer
the video was a little dark and the sound effects were loud and grating on my ears. it also looked very dirty (for lack of any other suitable word). some of the characters looked like they had been rotting in someone's attic for a few decades and the tarts that alice eats looked like they were the last made by some old woman before she died.
check out: "all the animals" that get out of the carridge and the caterpillar.
it sure was weird enough for me. if you're looking for the opposite of the disney version, you've found it! I'll say it's o.k. if you're into stop motion animation, it's definitely worth seeing, but nothing fantastic.

Monday, April 12, 2010

alucarda (1978)

a horror directed by juan lopez moctezuma
a girl who was born in a satanic temple corrupts fellow sisters at a convent.
the video was full screen and grainy. the audio sounded dated and lo-fi.
here's a new section of review, what to look for: check out the sideburns on the talisman vendor, the naked girls during the rituals and the mass vaginal bleeding and mummy wraps of the sisters in the convent.
it was o.k. I didn't hate it, but it wasn't all that great either.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

grey gardens (2009)

a drama directed by michael sucsy
this is the making of the 1975 documentary. it tells about how these hags became trapped in their decaying mansion together and about their lives before their tragic downfall.
the audio and video were good quality. this version did not feature the songs performed in the documentary. to hear how good it is to cut those songs, just watch the older grey gardens.
due to the increased amount of plot, this film is a lot better than the 1975 version. I'm not saying it was good, but definitely less painful to watch. it's o.k. some people might want to watch this.

withnail and i (1986)

a black comedy directed by bruce robinson
this film is about 2 buddies who take a vacation in the country. one of them is very put off by the gay uncle who loans them the cottage. the other is afraid of the country folk. it's mainly a movie about their problems.
the audio and video were good. no complaints.
my understanding of black comedy was slightly enriched by this movie. it's funny, but not funny "ha-ha", it's funny weird. my favorite part of the film is these guys' friend who played a role in wayne's world 2. I'll give you a hint: "i had to beat them to death with their own shoes...". definitely worth watching.

alone in the dark (2005)

a science fiction directed by uwe boll
a detective is investigating a case involving the 20 children from the orphanage that he is from and the ancient native american civilization that left artifacts all over the world.
the overall quality was terrible. I wouldn't be surprised if I found out that I had just watched a "screener". the video was choppy and blurry. the audio was loud and distorted.
I don't mind christian slater, but this movie was bad. it was 80s sequel bad. I like cheesy things, but this was too cheesy. there are much better things to watch, so don't watch this.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

grey gardens (1975)

a documentary by albert and david maysles
2 old women bitch at eachother.
the audio was full of hag-nags and the video was a little too revealing.
there isn't much to say. 2 sparsely dressed old women arguing doesn't make a very good movie. it includes the oldest and longest cleavage I've ever seen.

the devil and daniel johnston (2006)

a biography directed by jeff feuerzeig
daniel johnston is an artist/musician from a small town who wants to make it big with his creative projects. this film follows the rough road that he traveled in his efforts.
the audio and video were decent quality. all of the music is provided by daniel. the film also shows much of his art.
this story hits close to home. with the art and music that I've produced in my life and the drugs, not wanting to get a job and the mental hygiene arrests, it's almost like they're talking about me. mr. johnston also woke up to the new world order. that being said, they also did a very good job of telling his story. I'm enstating a new color categorization that I should have been using all along.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

13 tzameti (2005)

a georgian drama directed by gela babluani
the real meat of this film is a game of russian roulette. the main character is number 13 in the game. tensions are high as the game progesses. lots of players die. for fuck's sake, they're shooting incompletely loaded guns at eachother!
the audio sounded like it was in french to me, but as it's from georgia (a place in europe, not the state) it could be another language. the video was in black and white. subtitles were providd, on time and clearly visible.
I thought it was pretty good. it relied mainly on plot and setting, so those points in it's favor don't go unaccounted for. if you like decent movies, this is definitely one to check out.

subspecies 2 bloodstone (1993)

a horror by full moon
this movie picks up where the first one left off. radu pulls himself back together with the help of his little red demon minions and immediately kills stephan, claiming the fledgling for himself. the sun comes up and he must retreat to his chamber. while he sleeps, the pretty one (who instantly grew her hair in exponential amounts) takes off with the bloodstone (which also transformed). she calls her sister who gets the police and a local scholar involved. meanwhile, radu visits his mommy who demands the bloodstone. soon enough, radu retrieves the bloodstone and he and his mommy are all set to make rebecca another fledgling when their ritual is interrupted by those insipid mortals.
audio and video were as good as the first one. audio included a heavy metal band that sounds like slayer during the concert scene.
if you couldn't tell, I really like these movies and know them very well. radu is one of my favorite movie characters and his mommy's pretty cool too. can't say the same for his dad and half-brother though. the young actresses who were chosen to invade radu's homeland are a nice touch. watch it! watch it! WATCH IT!!!