Friday, January 30, 2015

Oasis of the Zombies A.K.A. The Abyss of the Living Dead A.K.A. Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies A.K.A. Treasure of the Living Dead (1982)

A French horror written and directed by Jesus Franco.
After a battle during World War 2, folks go to a certain oasis seeking gold, but find zombies.
This was terrible, horrible and many other negative adjectives. The soundtrack was the worst, featuring headache-inducing repetitive organ and synth sounds that seem to never end. The video was grainy and blurry and the dialogue was at a very low relative volume. Plot was minimal, vague and murky. Characters were difficult to identify, keep track of and seemed to come from nowhere. The zombie makeup effects were pitiful and most looked like masks made out of paper mache. There was a weird shot in the beginning where the camera focused on the butts of the first 2 characters for no real reason (picture). I would rather have that ass-admiration shot on my blog and computer than the bad zombie pictures. I've said before that 4 titles means it's something special and that still holds true. This is an exceptionally bad film. I could make a better movie with my phone. In fact, I have actually done so. One of the titles reminds me of a Breaking Bad episode in which the Jessie's friends are discussing video games that include Nazi zombies. I rate this shit. DO NOT WATCH!!!!

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