Thursday, January 29, 2015

Nightmare Castle A.K.A. Gli Amanti d'oltretomba A.K.A. Night of the Doomed A.K.A. Lovers Beyond the Grave A.K.A. The Faceless Monster (1965)

An Italian horror directed by Mario Caiano.
After a man catches his wife cheating on him with the butler, he begins torturing both of them. The wife reveals that she has changed her will to give all of her money to her sister. The man kills his wife, kills the butler and marries the sister. When he brings her to live in his castle, she has horrible nightmares and her doctor is brought in.
This was pretty lame. The simple plot would have fit in a Twilight Zone episode and the characters got confusing somehow. There was an extra woman in the second half (that the murderous husband was having an affair with) who just appears out of nowhere. There were some editing mistakes in the English dubbed version that I watched with the audio not matching the video. The most obvious case was in the end when the dead wife and butler are laughing with their voices, but not their mouths. Overall, I just found it boring. I rate this poor. Watch something else.

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