Friday, January 16, 2015

Hannah, Queen of the Vampires A.K.A. Crypt of the Living Dead (1973)

A Spanish American horror directed by Julio Salvador and Ray Danton.
A man is murdered and his son goes to investigate. The son finds that there is a vampire and tries to get help re-burying her.
This was muddy, murky and mucky all the way through. I could barely tell what was going on because the presentation was so bad and the plot was so vague. I suspected that the main character's girlfriend might have been the vampire, but can't verify this. The few main characters were identifiable, but the muddy plot and murky presentation prevented keeping track of them. The camera-work and camera angles were all very bad. The filmmaker has obviously not taken a photography course. I had to look this up on IMDB because Wikipedia didn't have a page for it and the page would not stop loading. I imagine that it was loading all the ads and that is what my site is designed to prevent. This is just more of that horrid public domain rough that I speak of finding diamonds in. I rate it bad for poor communication. It's best not to watch.

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