Saturday, January 24, 2015

From Prison to Paradise (2003)

A Canadian documentary by David Icke.
One of David's earlier talks pre-George W. He focuses on the ideas of how reality works, political dynasties and the concept of mutual return.
It's interesting to watch ALL of David's talks and compare them, noting how his speech has changed over time. That said and having seen all of his talks, they are indeed very similar. I've seen him talk about the Arc De Triomphe in Paris before in detail and when he started up on the subject, I was egging him on "Show the dick! Show the dick!" but he would not comply. Thing is: if you look through the arc, the outline of negative space is phallic. The version that I got of this was very bad. It did not download all the way, but still played and the videos that David shows as part of his talk were edited out. I rate it adequate because it's good, but I still prefer Freedom Road evan after watching everything else.

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