Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Vampires (1998)

An American horror western directed by John Carpenter, starring James Woods and Daniel Baldwin.
A team of vampires hunters in New Mexico expunge a den of the undead and party afterward. During the party, most of the team is killed by other vampires and the remaining members escape with a bitten prostitute. Through communications with religious leaders, they realize that they are dealing with the original vampire who is 600 years old.
You may recognize Jack, the lead vampire hunter, from when he quit smoking in Cat's Eye. That being said, I hated him in this film. His character was a total asshole. Not like any of the other characters were great... The plot was threadbare and a little murky at some points. More dark video and fast pacing. I'll stop talking shit and just rate this bad. Worse than Elvis (1979) bad. DO NOT WATCH!

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