Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Terminal Man (1974)

An American science fiction by Mike Hodges, starring George Segal.
A once peaceful and successful man's personality has changed after a car accident. He has seizures which induce fits of rage and knows that computers and machines are taking over the world. He is released from prison to have experimental surgery of putting electrodes in his brain to stop the seizures.
The premise and head nurse role reminded me of Clockwork Orange and this film brought up some of the same topics, mixed with a little bit of Terminator. What is considered mind control? A character in this film classifies compulsory high school education to be mind control. Is it right to use techniques like this if they may save someone's life? The plot brings up interesting questions and I think that the main character was developed well. I also noticed good camera-work throughout. The intro scene of photos in front of glasses with a shallow depth of field was cool. I also liked the blood going into valleys between tiles on a white floor. Interesting topics brought up and good camera-work? I think I'll rate this good. It's definitely worth watching.

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