Thursday, January 21, 2016

Black Sea (2014)

A British American adventure thriller directed by Kevin Macdonald, starring Jude Law.
A submarine operator is fired by his company meets friends at a bar. There he is told of a sunken WWII U-boat full of gold. He recruits friends and associates including some Russians and together they board a vintage sub to retrieve the gold. There is drama between the men on the sub as well as mechanical problems with their boat.
This threadbare plot is getting pretty stale. I can't tell you how many adventure movies have people seeking treasure, but finding drama and mechanical disasters. The characters were all extras to me: so shallow and stereotypical. Camera-work and editing included lots of fast cutting and many scenes so dark that they may as well have filmed with the lens cap on. Jude Law played Brad Stand in I Heart Huckabees and reprised some of that money-grubbing asshole role here. The high action and tension did hold my attention and it wasn't a bad movie, just not good. I rate this poor. You probably should not watch it.

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