Friday, January 22, 2016

The Railway Man (2013)

A British Australian war film directed by Jonathan Teplitzky, starring Nicole Kidman.
A radio operator in WWII is forced to work for the Japanese in Singapore building a railroad where they find that he has assembled a receiver from spare parts. He is tortured unmercifully and eventually returns home obsessed with railroads. He meets and marries his wife who prompts him to deal with his traumatic past.
This was pretty good. The plot was non-linear, but made sense and the characters were memorable. Acting was convincing, camera-work made sense and pacing was slow enough to enjoy the moment, but quick enough to keep the story rolling. There were a few moments when I was cheering for violence that did not end up happening. The main character times the cooking of rice to the exact second and from past experience, I don't blame him. That is the most time-sensitive food I know of. As I typed earlier today, WWII is the most overplayed film setting and here I am reviewing another film about it! Overall, I liked the non-linear plot and brutal torture methods. I rate this adequate.

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