Saturday, January 23, 2016

Maps to the Stars (2014)

A Canadian French German American drama directed by David Cronenberg, starring Julianne Moore and John Cusack.
A supposedly insane girl goes to Hollywood to meet a star that she is obsessed with. She gets a job working as a gofer for a female star and meets up with her family, who are all stars and all crazier than her.
The plot was not very clear and how the characters related to each other was not clear either. This was mostly because of unshown back-story that was referred to constantly. The video looked good and made sense as I was watching it and I could hear what everyone was saying. I liked the portrayal of the imperfect lives of movie stars most. The burned girl had the same hairstyle as the doctor woman from Crash, which I find to be a very attractive one. I don't really know what to write, so I'll rate this o.k. It was pretty mediocre and a little confusing.

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