Monday, January 18, 2016

Escape From L.A. (1996)

An American action film directed by John Carpenter, starring Kurt Russell, Stacy Keach, Steve Buscemi, Peter Fonda, Cliff Robertson and Pam Grier.
In a further dystopian future, Los Angeles has detached from North America in a earthquake and become a deportation zone for criminals. The president's daughter has stolen military technology and is hiding there. The same famous criminal is sent in to retrieve this technology and kill her.
This was better than Escape from New York. I think that better technology and the updated all-star cast led to a better film. There was lots and lots of compositing and visual effects usage. From the earthquake intro to the surfing scene, someone had fun making this. The plot and characters were much clearer this time and the video style was not as dark. It was still dark, but better cameras helped to achieve correct exposure and maintain detail. The pacing was very fast all the way through. I'll rate this adequate. If you like action films, this would be one to watch.

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