Saturday, January 9, 2016

Les tetes interverties A.K.A. La Cravate, The Transposed Heads, The Severed Heads (1957)

A French romantic comedy by Alejandro Jodorowsky.
A man who is lacking in confidence and one who has too much confidence enter a shop together. The shop offers an exchange of heads. The unconfident man tries many heads to win the favor of a woman, but to no avail. After trying the last head, he goes back to find the shop has turned into a hat store instead.
This was Jodorowsky's first film and is a mime piece with no dialogue. At just 20 minutes in length, there was not much to go wrong. That is to say it is perfect. The head transplants were executed by use of good camera framing and some simple editing, but looked convincing enough. The characters were not very dynamic or well-developed, but very memorable. The plot seemed to be based around the editing trick of switching heads, but seemed fine to me. I will not belabor the point anymore. I rate this best. If you can't sit through 20 minutes of this, you shouldn't be watching movies at all.

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