Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Looker (1981)

An American science fiction written and directed by Michael Crichton, starring Albert Finney and James Coburn.
A plastic surgeon does specific surgeries on some models who end up dying. He befriends the most recent and only survivor of these, going with her to a research facility with high tech machines that are used to optimize advertisements.
This was alright. The part that I liked most was the title track, "Looker". There was also a scene that I thought was funny in which the surgeon shoots the villain with a looker gun and kicks him in the nuts. The company's hypnotic advertising technique was very true to life and genuinely reflects how things work in the real world, art imitating life. The plot was just interesting enough to pass the time, but there was absolutely zero character development. The audio and video style was very retro '80s, which I liked. Camera-work and editing was decent, fitting the scenes without being amazing. The soundtrack was very limited, with only about 3 pieces of music that were repeated throughout the duration. Overall, it's a mediocre film to watch while passing the time. I rate it o.k.

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