Sunday, January 24, 2016

Rabid (1977)

A Canadian American horror directed by David Cronenberg, starring Marilyn Chambers, Patricia Gage and Susan Roman.
After a motorcycle accident, a woman has experimental skin grafts to heal her wounds. She develops a mutation and starts a zombie epidemic in Canada.
This was not so great a movie, but first a word about the stars. Marilyn Chambers was repeatedly arrested in the '80s while she was an exotic dancer. The arrests were for sexual acts in public that was viewed by police as prostitution. Susan Roman's fame comes from her voice acting in children's cartoons like Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake and Sailor Moon. So we've obviously got female anatomy points for the lead role. There were topless scenes as well as a "wet T-shirt writhing on the bathroom floor" scene. The plot was simplistic and generally uninteresting, which allowed me to become distracted by details. In the beginning, there's a man wearing a sports jumpsuit with a shirt that reads "Jogging Kills" on the front. The surgery scene is VERY graphic and almost hurt to watch. When time is elapsing at the hospital, there is a beautiful sunset shot with wonderful reflections in the building's windows. There was also an interesting scene in which zombies at a construction site use a jackhammer to kill the driver of a car without opening the door. If I were to rate for funny details, this would get awesome, but I'm rating the whole film. I have to give it a weird pink rating for being a piece of shit full of awesome little details.

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