Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Santa Sangre (1980)

A Mexican Italian adventure by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Claudio Argento.
A boy is a circus performer whose parents are having issues. The father is an alcoholic and the mother leads a false religion. The boy falls in love with a girl circus performer of his own age, but they are separated when his father cuts off the mother's arms before committing suicide. Later in life, the main character works for his mother as her arms. Fortunately for him, all is not as it seems.
I call this an adventure because it's one of those Jodorowskian mind fuckers that almost fits my label of "psychedelic spiritual journey". Claudio Argento's presence had me worried because of his involvement in his brother, Dario's films. I HATED Suspiria. Fortunately, he was unable to wreck Alejandro's greatness. The plot was all twist, all the time and characters were extremely dynamic. The video style was a little crisper and darker than most A.J. films, but the audio was very much in line with his other work. There were some compositing/layering/editing effects like people disappearing or fading out and lots of blood. Pacing was moderate/appropriate, but generally quick. Overall, not Jodorowsky's best work, but not bad. I would call this one of his moderately cool films in comparison to the rest of his filmography. Of course, it's him so I rate it awesome. Watch this if you've seen Holy Mountain, El Topo, The Dance of Reality, Fando y Lis and Tusk and still want more, but before The Rainbow Thief and La Cravate.

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