Thursday, January 14, 2016

Elvis (1979)

An American made for TV biography directed by John Carpenter, starring Kurt Russell.
The story of Elvis Presley's music career is told in a very limited way. From a young white man with a black music sound to the rhinestone jumpsuit shows.
If I was Elvis, this is how I would present my biography. It is put in a very positive light (understatement). Sure, he has disagreements with his wife and neglects her in favor of his career, but what about all the drugs and booze? Oh, he's "tired" from doing too many shows and collapses, but what about railing amphetamines and chasing it with whiskey? We don't see any of that here. The story had so many gaps that it did not make sense and the characters were portrayed falsely. The camera-work and framing was good, but the copy that I got was total crap and froze every so often. They even made the wise choice of not showing Kurt Russell's hands in the piano playing scene. Because the filmmaker was not Elvis and because of lying by omission, I rate this bad. Take that, John Carpenter. Go build a table or a chair. Your woodworking would be better than this.

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