Monday, January 25, 2016

Spider (2002)

A Canadian British drama directed by David Cronenberg, starring Ralph Fiennes, Miranda Richardson and Gabriel Byrne.
A man is released from a mental hospital to live in a halfway house. While there, he re-experiences traumatic events from his childhood involving his father's infidelity and the death of his mother.
I had to look up that plot on Wikipedia because that is not what I saw in the film. I was under the impression that the crazy adult was the boy's real father and I was not aware of any mental institution, unless that was the halfway house. Whatever the plot may have been and whomever the characters were, it was very stylishly done. It really conveyed the idea of mental instability throughout. There were some good shots of adult crazy walking by a wall in the beginning and the boy setting up his string. The ending got really suspenseful by use of good editing: quicker cuts and such. Overall, I liked how this was made even if the plot did not come through correctly. I rate it adequate. You may want to watch it because it's so crazy that it can't tell it's story.

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