Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cool World (1992)

An American live action and animated comedy noir directed by Ralph Bakshi.
A World War II veteran gets into a motorcycle accident and is transported to a cartoon world. Years later, the creator of the cartoon is transported there as well. Problems arise when the issue of "doodles" (cartoon folks) and "Noids" (real folks) start crossing back and forth between the worlds.
After reading Wikipedia's description, I can see why this is literally Bakshi's worst film. His story got thrown out. That being said, there was plenty of compositing and special effects. Most of the time, this was live actors in front of a green screen with cartoons composited in behind and in front of them. The plot and characters sucked. The animation style had a slight Bakshi flavor, but it wasn't his stuff. Overall, I rate this poor. I was expecting much better.

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