Friday, January 22, 2016

Defiance (2008)

An American war film directed by Edward Zwick.
A group of Jewish refugees hide in a forest during WWII.
WWII is the most overplayed setting ever and I was unable to find subtitles that translated the foreign language sections. This meant that about half of the dialogue was unintelligible. The main character who leads the Jews was identifiable, but everyone else just kind of jumbled like in a mass grave. The plot was simple, but effective and had some action scenes appropriately placed to keep the audience awake. The pacing was a little slow, but that seems to be my speed because I understood everything that was happening, if not everything that was said. Given that, I also liked the length of just over 2 hours. The camera-work was really good (or just to my liking) because they captured many scenes of the forest during different seasons. There was, however, some snow during the wedding which I suspected may have been composited in with After Effects. It just did not float as naturally as I would have liked and there were too many flakes being blown upwards by wind that did not effect the actors. Overall, I dislike war films, but the majestic scenes of natural beauty interspersed with action were to my liking. I rate this adequate.

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