Saturday, January 23, 2016

Crash (1996)

A Canadian British thriller directed and produced by David Cronenberg.
A man gets into a car crash on his way home from work. The other survivor is a woman in the other car who exposes her breast to him. They eventually develop a relationship as well as joining a car crash sex cult. From there, things get out of hand.
This is the Cronenberg that I know and love. I went through the whole film with a WTF feeling and was left with the same. That being said, the plot (as strange as it was) was linear and kind of made sense. The characters were dynamic, developing new fetishes as the film progressed. The cult seems to spend their time smoking joints and jerking off to car crash videos, which seems a little unnerving to me. Although associated with vehicular manslaughter and infidelity, I'm awarding female anatomy points. Overall, it was a controlled kind of crazy. I know I've done this frequently and recently, but I rate it adequate.

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