Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Dance of Reality A.K.A. La danza de la realidad (2013)

A Chilean French adventure by Alejandro Jodorowsky.
A communist tries to raise his weak son to be a strong man. The father then leaves to assassinate a government official or military leader, but fails. On the way back, he learns the true nature of kindness, compassion and his own identity.
As with all Jodorowsky films, I love this because it's weird and what I call a "Psychedelic Spiritual Journey". The advantage that this one has over Alejandro's other films is the use of modern camera equipment and compositing effects. Don't get me wrong, the old editing and physical effects used in his '70s films were great, but this looks more real when he wants to do something weird visually. There were some scenes in which the current A.J. appeared behind the character playing young him. I don't know if there was compositing used here, but the effect was irreplaceable. The plot was epic, but the pacing seemed to slow down at times. The main characters were the family (father, mother and son) and very well acted and developed. There were also many, MANY smaller roles that worked well. The style was classic Jodorowsky and was obviously his work. There was plenty of nudity (male and female) with the female earning anatomy points for the mother's breasts and the male including genital torture. With good camera-work and an awesome musical score that included a beautiful opera singer, there is not much else to say. I rate this best. Watch it if you like this director's other work.

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