Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fearless (2006)

A kung fu directed by Ronny Yu, starring Jet Li.
A Chinese fighter fights his way to the top of the local scene until he kills an enemy in a bar room brawl that destroys a friend's restaurant. He flees town and is adopted by a poor family in the country. When he goes back to the town, he finds that foreign fighters are beating all the Chinese martial artists and decides to win back the pride of his people.
Despite all of the Hong Kong fooey in this film, I just don't like it. The style is what I have a problem with. It looks pretty like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, but it's not. It's ugly and there is no flying. I normally like fu and I normally like Jet Li, but this just rubs me the wrong way somehow. I'm rating it poor.

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