Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tin Men (1987)

An American comedy drama directed by Barry Levinson, starring Richard Dreyfuss, Danny DeVito and Barbara Hershey.
Aluminum siding salesmen get into a car accident that begins a feud between them. One of them goes as far as stealing the other man's wife in revenge. A home improvement commission is also evaluating their sales techniques, which are mostly hustling, lying and cheating.
Pretty normal flick. The plot held my attention and I think it was written well, with twists at the appropriate times. The characters were acted and cast well and the dialogue seemed natural. My favorite video scene was Danny DeVito smashing the windows of his enemy's car. They used fast editing to get a series of climactic moments of glass breaking. The ending shot was framed very well, but I won't spoil it. There was also a repeated shot showing the back ends of a row of Cadillacs at the aluminum siding office. The audio was decent. I could hear all of the dialogue and it was accompanied by '60s music to complete the setting. I believe that the video of musicians playing was actually real, a very rare thing in movies. Overall, a regular flick with some positive aspects in production categories. I rate it adequate.

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