Friday, August 19, 2016

Rad (1986)

An American action romance directed by Hal Needham, starring Talia Shire.
When a national BMX race comes to town, a local boy falls in love with a female racer and competes in the race.
This is the best BMX movie ever made. The tricks are incredible and feature vintage components like framestands and forkstands. I saw Skyway mags and colored tires. Pad sets and number plates. For vintage BMX freestyle and flatland enthusiasts, this is the film to watch. It has all the cool tricks of the '80s with bouncing and spinning, body and bike contortions and balance demonstrations. The plot is admittedly not the best and characters take a back seat to bicycle stunts. The video production is really well-done. They concealed a male rider in the female costume during the bike dancing scene and composited her on the bike sitting still while the lights moved. Overall, it's about the vintage parts and tricks. It's not about acting, writing, etc... but it is about correct video recordings of BMX stunts. I rate this best because I grew up as a BMX boy.

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