Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Humbling (2014)

An American drama directed by Barry Levinson, starring Al Pacino, Dianne Wiest and Charles Grodin.
An aging actor collapses onstage. He spends some time in a recovery clinic and makes friends with a younger female patient who wants to kill he husband. When he gets out, the daughter of a friend contacts him and they have an affair. She is supposedly a lesbian who has had multiple relationships and her past partners show up at the actor's house.
Pretty cool. The plot was complex and left me wondering what was real and what was in the main character's imagination. The characters were cast very well, the dialogue was written well and everyone acted their parts accurately. Video and audio were pretty normal and tame. I didn't see or hear anything that really blew me away. The closest it got was the waiting room scene at the fertility clinic. I like that this played on the edge of drama and psych thriller. Overall, a very nice film to watch. I rate this awesome.

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