Thursday, August 18, 2016

Liberty Heights (1990)

An American drama directed by Barry Levinson, starring Adrien Brody and Joe Mantegna.
A Jewish boy has a father who is a gangster. The boy's friend becomes obsessed with a girl he meets at a Halloween party and the father runs afoul of a black drug dealer. The boy himself falls in love with a back girl in his class at school.
That story took two hours to tell? The plot was a shambles. Totally jumping around between people and going off on side-tracks every few minutes. There was no real focus. The characters were likeable and made themselves known to the viewer very quickly. I attribute this to good writing and acting. I didn't notice any visually powerful scenes. The audio stayed in the background, except at appropriate times. Multi-racial record listening, the James Brown concert and the burlesque theater scenes accentuated the music in a good way. Overall, It left me wondering what was going on, but was pleasant to watch. I rate it o.k.

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