Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Envy (2004)

An American comedy directed by Barry Levinson, starring Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Christopher Walken.
A pair of friends live across the street from each other. One of them invents a spray that makes poop disappear and gets rich. The other is envious, gets fired from his job, makes friends with a bum and kills the friend's horse.
My three most hated actors all in one film? Why haven't I watched this before? The intro was extremely disorienting. This rolling/pivoting camera gimmick made me woozy. The plot is not bad and the audio/video was clear and appropriate. Although filled with terrible horridness, I didn't mind watching it. I know it's bad, but somehow I enjoyed that. According to Wikipedia, the filmmakers publicly apologized for making this. I think the real issue was casting. Let's take idiot Ben Stiller as a main character, add annoying Jack Black as second AND THEN top that off with The Walken Beast. It's a recipe for disaster! Apparently, I like bad movies though. I'm giving this a weird pink rating because I HATE the ingredients, but the end product was tolerable.

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