Sunday, August 14, 2016

Rock the Kasbah (2015)

An American musical comedy directed by Barry Levinson, starring Bill Murray, Bruce Willis and Kate Hudson.
A struggling musical talent manager accidentally meets a man who books USO shows in the middle east. They sign up and go there, but the manager's star is unhappy. She steals his wallet (with passport and money) as well as his car. The manager gets reeled into a shady arms deal in the desert where he finds someone who might help him.
I wanted to turn this off as soon as I heard Kid Rock on the soundtrack. I should have done so because it didn't get any better. Yes, the soundtrack was my main problem with this. It seemed like they wanted every song to be the climax of the film. Murray's performance of "Smoke of the Water" in the desert camp was one of the worst I have ever heard. Acting came next. I usually like Bill Murray and Bruce Willis. Murray was turned into a name-dropper who can't even take care of himself. By process of elimination, this brings us to writing. Mitch Glazer must have really dropped the ball there. Overall, bad writing and annoying soundtrack should have been apparent when opening weekend sales did 1/4 of expected profits. I rate this bad. I wish I had turned it off and rated shit at about the 30 minute mark. DO NOT WATCH!

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