Monday, August 22, 2016

The Bad News Bears (1976 + 2005)

American comedy films directed by Michael Ritchie and Richard Linklater, starring Walter Matthau and Billy Bob Thornton.
A baseball coach who had a small amount of fame long ago is now an alcoholic and coaches an underdog kids team.
I haven't done a comparison review in a while. As always, the original is better. Walter Matthau faced tougher odds because the parents funding his team told him to shut it down. That was the main plot difference. The characters were relatively similar, except for Amanda. She was older in the remake and had a clothing shop instead of selling maps to the homes of stars. There was a gigantic difference in production. The remake blew the original away in this department just by camera technology alone. What separates good movies from alright movies is clearly demonstrated if you watch these in a row. It's that undefinable thing that I call style. Some people call it spark. It's a combination of all the film elements that is just right. The original had that. The remake was an overdramatized, vulgar and stupid imitation. It had most of the same ingredients, but the chef burned it. Overall, I say the original gets a good rating and the remake a poor rating.

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