Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bugsy (1991)

An American crime drama directed by Barry Levinson, starring Warren Beatty, Harvey Keitel, Ben Kingsley and Joe Mantegna.
An aggressive gangster moves to Hollywood when he is sent there on a short business trip. He has an affair with a woman and works on opening a casino in Las Vegas.
Not really my cup of tea, but it was alright. Gangsters interest me about as much as romance. I saw mirror scenes that I recognized from other crime films. The main one was the father/gangster mixing his crime job with family life at the wrong time. In this case, it was his daughter's birthday. The plot sprawled out over two hours of duration and I tended to pause and go do other things frequently. I think that the dialogue was very well written and believable. The soundtrack by Ennio Morricone blended in seamlessly with period big band music. I didn't really notice much about the video, meaning nothing was horribly wrong or fantastically right. Overall, another gangster flick. If that's what you're into, check it out. I rate this o.k. because it barely held my attention.

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