Saturday, August 20, 2016

Avalon (1990)

An American drama written and directed by Barry Levinson.
A Jewish family lives in America. One of the men is a salesman who opens a store with his partner. The family has issues with when to cut the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner.
What did I just watch? It was a very long film about almost nothing. Barry stretched that threadbare plot out over two hours just because he could. It was very well made and the production was top quality. It's just that the content was so dull and mundane! The only real action was when the boys made "cliffhangers" by igniting a stream of glue to their model airplanes. And JEWISH! Barry Levinson is as Jewish as Spike Lee is black. I think stereotypes are funny once in a while, but these guys make a career out of them! Overall, two hours of well produced Hebrews just going about their day to day lives. I rate it tolerable.

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